How YOU can help!


♦ Volunteer to serve on the board of directorsMR-Pics-018
must have experience working with non-profit organizations in management, finance, and/or community development in diverse communities.

E-mail resumé to : info@https://ywcaccc.org


MFCC, LCSW, PSY Interns or trainees
be willing to work 10 to 20 hours per week; small salary paid



to assist in childcare programs, parenting classes, women empowerment sessions or eliminating racism sessions.


♦ Donate
a small contribution to support programs: childcare services; parenting classes; sessions for women empowerment or eliminating racism

ALSO – donate your used vehicle. Click here for more information.



♦ Contribute $50
for a mental health session
donation to support one therapy session for an individual in need


To volunteer or to make a contribution, please contact Nancy J. Atkinson at 925-372-4213, ext. 11.

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