Eliminating Racism

Eliminating Racism


At the YWCA of Contra Costa/Sacramento, we believe DSC_0147that all people are created equal, but we recognize that all people are not always treated equally.  We strive to eliminate bias based on race, age, gender, sexual orientation or religious belief. We offer training for teachers, counselors and community leaders to help them fight bias in their work, and mediation services to assist people who have experienced racism or prejudice in their lives.

One of the most important things we can do to eliminate prejudice of all kinds is to educate ourselves about cultures and traditions different from our own. We offer PM_0015workshops for counselors, therapists and teachers, social workers and community leaders in understanding and valuing the rainbow of diversity here in the Bay Area: African-American, Asian, gay and lesbian, Latino, Native American and a host of cultures grounded in European traditions. We help teachers and counselors learn how to work with students and clients from other cultures.

We also turn our counseling skills to mediating conflicts for people experiencing racism or other kinds of prejudice in their lives.

All of our diversity workshops and services are offered free of charge or for a nominal fee to cover expenses.

Locations vary.


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