Opened in 1891, YWCA Sacramento was the first YWCA in California.

Today, it is housed in a 70-year-old Mediterranean Revival style building.

The YWCA of Sacramento began as a branch office of the YWCA of Contra Costa during the 2007 calendar year. Now the YWCA of Contra Costa County is called the YWCA of Contra Costa/Sacramento to honor our new branch. The midtown location puts it within easy walking distance of the state Capitol and downtown businesses.

The Sacramento YWCA remains true to its tradition of social activism and service to the community offering affordable housing and an array of services including renting space to the community for social activities/events.


  Residential Housing for Women
In Sacramento, the YWCA carries on a century-old tradition of providing women a safe, comfortable place to live. From its midtown location, the YWCA offers convenient access to public transit. Residents can walk to nearby drug and grocery stores.

  Workshops and Support Groups
We hold workshops where women and teenage girls come together to listen to expert speakers, to share their experiences and to learn from each other.



  Event Space for Programs

The Sacramento YWCA building has office space and meeting space available for rent. The midtown location, just a few blocks from the Capitol, makes it convenient for business, social and civic gatherings. Priority is given to non-profit organizations.

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